Spring? Trying to get back to posting more?

What’s up everyone! I just wanted to state that, yes I have been lazy. I havent posted in quite a while and that is entirely because of the fact that I am busy. Terribly busy. So, as spring break is almost upon us, I promise to crack my knuckles, get on the computer, and type away! Hopefully I will post several stories throughout the break, and continue to do so afterward. In the summer my account will probably swell with posts, so don’t worry, there is plenty more to come! As for now, well I suppose I could post a story soon. (I will try to post a story by the end of the day)!

Thanksgiving- end of the Turkeys

Ok, ok, ok, this one is a little different from what I normally do. The first thing you will notice is that it is long. Very long. Yes this ended up being around 20 pages. However I’m still considering it a short story. The premise behind it is enough to fill in entire book but I was trying to not spend more than the countless hours I had spent. Another thing you may notice is mistakes. Yes, yes, I edited it.. But thoroughly? It’s hard to do that with such a long book. And lastly, this story is VERY drawn out at the beginning…. VERY I SAY! I was originally practicing expositions in stories and I thought, “Why not make a really longer beginning for a long story” then I got kinda bored with the idea and the rest of the story moves faster. I really hope you enjoy and also, I understand that this is about 2 months late *cries* alright here it is…



“I believe the correct answer is x=4,” answered Reuben, followed by a smirk. The teacher, Mr. Alinster, looked back with a proud smile.

“Correct once again Reuben, great participation!” he replied, glaring around the room at the other students. It seemed to Mr. Alinster that for some reason, no one other than Reuben could answer any questions. His Algebra 2 class wasn’t that hard, and day after day he was greeted with the monotonous bore of the other students. Every day Reuben answered all the questions while the other students sat in silence, shooting stares like daggers at him. Reuben didn’t seem to mind it though; at least, that’s what Mr. Alinster thought of his prized pupil.

“Alright class, tomorrow is last day before Thanksgiving break,” he told them, in hopes of bringing a smile to someone’s face. What he got was one student smiling, Reuben.

“I hope you have a nice day Mr. Alinster,” he cheerfully shouted over the sound of the loud school bell, announcing the end of the day.

“You too, Reuben,” he replied after the ringing had stopped, in attempt to be audible so the student could hear him. Much to his dismay, Reuben had already left the small classroom. Mr. Alinster sighed, tucked his coat under his arm, and left the building.

Reuben walked into the courtyard where he found, after much searching, his small circle of friends. Ann and Harold had been through thick and thin with Reuben, for they had met in first grade. A bully had been teasing Harold when Ann and Reuben defended him, driving the bully away. Ever since that day, the three friends were inseparable. Harold had a deep yearning for geography and detective work. Where there was a puzzle, closely behind it was Harold. Ann was a fan of math, she loathed english and prefered what she claimed was the superior subject.

The redhead, Ann, spoke first. “Hey, do you guys want to come over tonight? I got a new turtle!” she squealed.

“Sure thing, I can’t wait to meet him,” replied Harold, a taller kid with glasses thicker than a window.

“I can come too!” Reuben butted in. Since they could all go, Ann called her mom to pick them up. Minutes later, after discussing the quadratic formula to pass time, the shiny sedan, with Ann’s mom at the wheel, arrived. The tires stopped spinning and the car screeched to a stop. Ann, Harold, and Reuben clambered into the car, their backpacks shoving into them as they uncomfortably positioned themselves as best they could in the small seats. Once buckled, Ann’s mom started pulling out of the parking lot. Following the yellow lines leading to the connecting road.

“I feel as I’m going to forget the whole quadratic formula when we have a test,” complained Harold.

“My gosh, Harold, you aren’t going to forget it!” responded Reuben.

“Yeah, it’s really easy. X equals negative B plus or minus the square root of B squared minus 4ac, all divided by 2a. How hard is that? Plus you’ve been doing it for years,” agreed Ann. It was true. While the three of them were only in 8th grade, they were three grade levels ahead in math, so they were currently taking Algebra 2, as the curriculum in their school differed from the normal set. They also had block scheduling, so they only had 4 periods a day and what classes they had changed daily.

“It is, Ann, I don’t want to fail the test!” he whined.

“I guess you have a point. It is the final, after all,” Ann replied, still thinking her friend was overreacting, as usual.

Reuben stayed out of the conversation, instead keeping to his science book that he held in his hand. He was reading about some medieval flu that caused some types of poultry to die. His science teacher had given it to him the other day. Ann and Harold continued to argue the rest of the way to Ann’s house, and by the time they got there, the topic wasn’t even on the quadratic formula anymore, but on the rules of basketball. In hopes of changing the subject that he knew little about, he inquired, “So, Ann, what’s your turtle’s name?”

“Oh, I forgot about mentioning that! How silly of me. His name is King Henry the 8th,” she answered.
“That’s my favorite king!” exclaimed Harold as they got out of the car. He was even more excited now to see the turtle. What would it look like? What type was it? Was it cute? The questions poured into his head.

The kids traversed through the large house to Ann’s room, and as soon as Harold spotted the turtle, he bounded over like a gazelle to its tank. After playing around with the turtle for several hours, (poor turtle) Reuben’s mom came and picked him up. As he entered his mom’s sleek Lexus, he waved goodbye to Ann.

“So how was your day?” asked Reuben’s mom in a delicate English accent.

“Good, good, mom, we played with Ann’s turtle, and I am so excited for Thanksgiving in three days!” he responded, eyes drooping with tiredness. “Also, I have a very strange question but it has been bugging me. I want to know about how the rocket propulsion boosters work on a small craft. Where does all the energy used come from?”

As Reuben’s mom was an astrophysicist at NASA, she was easily able to answer his questions.

“Well, let’s see, usually we have tons of gasoline on the craft, but as you know, on the ISS we have huge solar panels that also supply us with power.” she advised. At this point Reuben was fast asleep in the car, breathing daintily. Reuben’s mom noticed this and sighed.


———————Parte Uno———————————————




BEEP BEEP BEEP. The alarm clock read 6:30 as Reuben lazily slammed it down with his first, with the contact is stopped its persistent beeps. Reuben rose to his feet and swayed gently, still in a dream like state. He took a hot shower and then got changed. Once clean and presentable, he slipped down the stairs and into his stool at the counter. Before him was a display of muffins and fruits.

“Looks like you’re still sleeping tiger,” drawled his father’s voice.

“DAD! You’re home!” exclaimed a very excited Reuben. “I thought the business trip was for another 2 days.” he pondered.

“Got cut early!”


“Really!” his dad confirmed. The two enjoyed breakfast together as Reuben’s mom had already left for work. Instead of taking the bus, Reuben got a ride from his dad to school. The Loundsville Middle School was a marvel of engineering, it had many bridges, an exquisite courtyard, many sports fields, and an urban design to the actual buildings. This was very strange as LoundsVille was in a very rural part of Alabama, known for its poultry and southern restaurants, LoundsVille was definitely a place you would want to visit.

The school was kept in pristine condition, the large janitorial force were always on the job, waiting for a kid to spill his juice or for (More eerily) a child to throw up, so they could throw that sawdust (that as kids marveled us) on it.

When Reuben entered through the grand front doors however, he noticed Ann and Harold talking with an unfamiliar kid. He was very short and had a bowl haircut. They seemed to be in deep conversation so Reuben was hesitant to approach but then continued on.

“Hi, my name’s Reuben, and you?” he asked.

“Adam, the name’s Adam Goldenstein.” he responded with quite a cheerful face. They went on talking for another 15 minutes. Reuben learned that Adam loved engineering and physics, and had just transferred to their school. Reuben was ecstatic to welcome a new friend to their circle. As it turned out, Adam was in all of Reuben’s classes, this thrilled the two even more.




Adam and Reuben walked into their german class. They reviewed the greeting and good byes for the first 20 minutes and then went on to learning new verbs like swimming and playing. They had to create a mock conversation saying hello, nice to meet you, and goodbye. Adam and Reuben obviously excelled in all subjects and so this was very easy for them. The conversation went something like this.


Reuben: Hallo!

Adam: Hallo, Wie lautet dein Name?

Reuben: Mein Name ist reuben!

Adam: schön dich zu treffen.

Reuben: Und du, Tschüss!

Adam: Tschüss!



           Adam: Hello, what is your name?

Reuben: My name is Reuben

Adam; Nice to meet you!

Reuben: And you, bye!

Adam: bye


This was an easy A+ for the two of them, bonding more and more.




When Reuben and Adam entered english class, the teacher introduced Adam as being new, and the Advanced class gave him a warm welcome. They worked on prepositions and grammar. When the teacher noticed that Adam had finished so quickly she gave him a 9th grade grammar book like the one Reuben had. Reuben had acquired this book because he always finished early in class and had nothing to do.



On Wednesdays period three is lunch, so Adam, Reuben, Ann, and Harold sat together and conversed about Adam’s first day. Adam told them a little bit more about himself, like how he was from New York, and his dad was an engineer.



Adam was exhausted after the long day but still triumphed in science class. They were having a quiet class, learning about the Periodic Table when the science teacher brought Adam and Reuben off to the side.


“Reuben, do you remember about reading something about the bird flu in the book I gave you?”  he asked, shaking his hands as he speaked.

“Oh yeah I do remember reading about that, why?” he responded. Adam was still pretty confused what was going on, but decided to wait for more information.

“It happened, a scientist in Munich found it, the flu came early this morning and has poisoned all of a specific type of bird.”

“Well what kind?” Reuben asked.

“Turkeys, that’s right, all the turkeys in the world have died, that means they are all also inedible. There won’t be any turkey this Thanksgiving.” he told the two boys, worry and fear clouded his eyes.

“No, how can this be, this is terrible-” Reuben stopped mid sentence and let out a moan.

Adam intercepted,
“We have to find a way to repopulate the Earth’s turkeys, I don’t care if the smartest scientists are on in, at least I’ll try!” this gave Reuben hope,

“And I will help you!” he cheered. The teacher looked at the boys and their bright faces feebly before passing out on the tile floor in front of them.


—————————-parte dos—————————————


Once the Ambulance had arrived to take the teacher to the hospital, Reuben and Adam met up with Ann and Harold in the school courtyard.

“We have a VERY important job to do.” Reuben growled with firm persistence.

“And what is that?” Ann replied.

“The turkeys, they have all died due to the Medieval Bird Flu. It was a mysterious airborne flu that only affected some type of birds, now we know it was turkeys. However, you can’t eat a bird infected or it will give you the infection.” Reuben explained.

“ So you’re saying that we can’t get the airborne flu?”

“Yes.” he answered.

“BUT THANKSGIVING MUST BE SAVED!” Harold shouted, fear evident in his voice.

“That’s why we are going to save Thanksgiving!” Adam assured. Abb wasn’t sure of this and she saw that they all had doubt in their eyes.

“Hands together, all in” Harold justly spoke.




“Together” affirmed all of the friends. “Everyone come to my house after school, we have some stuff to do,” Reuben schemed.

Once everyone had arrived at Reuben’s house, they filed up into his room. Stationed around Reuben’s room were telescopes and math charts.

“So how exactly are we planning to do this?” questioned Ann.

“Simple, we have to do two things, get the airborne sickness out of the air, and find its cause so it won’t ever happen again.” Reuben replied, fierce with determination. They continued to plan their actions when they got hungry, so in hopes of being a good host Reuben went to get them all cookies. As he walked through the mahogany floored hallway, he noticed his mom’s office was open. This was unusual as it was normally locked. Reuben decided to take a peek inside.

When he entered the ornate office, filled with rich pine accents, he saw that the desk was cluttered with papers. Reuben further investigated. He was looking over the papers and failed to noticed Harold when he entered.
“Whatch ya doing here Reuben? Wait are those NASA papers? Maybe we can find something that will help us?” Harold speculated.

“I was on my way to get cookies when I saw the door was open, and on the desk there is a blueprint. It is for some particle separator-” he couldn’t finish because Harold butted in,
“A PARTICLE SEPARATOR! Reuben if we can figure out how to build it we could separate the flu from the air!”

“My golly you’re right Harold!” exclaimed Reuben. The boys snatched the blueprint and brought it back to Reuben’s room where Ann and Adam were waiting.

“What took you so long,” Ann inquired.
“WE FOUND A BLUEPRINT-” started Harold, in an excited frenzy.

“We found a blueprint to a particle separator, something that could take the flu particles from the air!” Reuben explained in a much more docile voice.

“Well that’s not as simple as it sounds, this thing takes uranium as its power source, and once used it needs to be ejected into the atmosphere” Adam sighed.
“I know it won’t be easy but it’s the best thing we have!” Reuben reminded him.

“Adam, I believe we can do it” Ann consoled.

“Me too!” Harold added.

“I think we can do it also!” Reuben assured.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Adam asked with a grin. Once all of the plans were set, the four youngsters moved into action.




Adam woke up early, got dressed, had breakfast, and set out the door. He walked through the cool air to Spaknets auto supply. Using the money that Reuben distributed to him, he purchased what he needed. The man working there knew Adam but was wondering what the kid was doing with spark plugs, a carburetor and a wad of cash. After he made his purchases, Adam headed to Harold’s house, more specifically the garage, where they would be building the machine. The 20 minute walk went by in a blur as questions rocked around in Adam’s head. Most of them filled with worry. Harold was standing in the garage waiting for him, along with Ann and Reuben. Behind them were sheets of scrap metal and other parts for the machine.

“You made it!” jeered Ann.

“You do realize Adam, that while we are all very able to create something, you’re the real engineer. You are the one who is going to be doing the bulk of creating the machine. In the meantime I am going to read more about the flu with Ann.” Reuben explained, before walking into the connecting door to the house. When they sat down with the book, Reuben began to read aloud,

The flue, tis coming. Every 20 years it comes, and devastates one type of our birds. The priests pray everyday for the cycle to stop as the monthes of healthy birds draw to an end. The flue is a horrid thing. The turkeys turn color and then Pop! They fall to the ground, every last one of them. If you try and dare to eat one, you will get the poison and turn aghast as well. The airborne infection last for 30 days before dissolving. When the sickness dissolves all the turkeys are freed from their infectious prison and rise up again. It seems like sorcery to us common folk, but it happens every twenty years so it is true…

Ann took notes on important information and once they had finished the chapter this is what she had acquired.


Bird Flu, came every year and then suddenly stopped for 600 years.

Lasted for 30 days before dissolving into the air. The birds would revive once again.

If you try to eat one you will die.

Seemed like sorcery at the time.


Ann reviewed the notes in her palm.

“It just doesn’t make sense, how it stopped for 600 years, what could have made it start again.” she pondered.

“I’m not sure Ann, but I am getting the feeling that someone is making this happen” Reuben assured, his hands sweating. The two of them discussed their theory for several minutes before hearing a shout from the garage. Ann and Rueben glanced at each other beforee racing into the garage.





The shouting of the two boys and their dispute rang across the 4 car garage.

“STOP IT AND GO TAKE A BREAK!” Reuben shouted, and much to their annoyance, the two boys stopped working and sat on the benches near the far side of the garage. There was a thud as the boys landed on the metal bench, followed by the sound of the refrigerator opening as they both grabbed a cold lemonade.

Reuben stared at the machine in wonder. They still hadn’t obtained uranium to power it and it wasn’t completely finished. However, what stood in front of him was a massive machine. Sheets of metal lined the side of it, and in the middle held a giant storage tank. Massive hoses extended out of the machine like snakes, winding around the floor. Numerous tubes entered the tank complemented with dozens of dials.

“It’s beautiful.” Reuben whispered.

“It doesn’t work,” Adam scowled.

“Why not?” Reuben inquired.

“Why do you think, because we don’t have uranium. This thing ONLY works on uranium, and a lot of it. Unfortunately uranium costs thousands, and we don’t have that type of money.” Adam answered.

“I guess we are just going to have to steal it,” Ann added. The boys turned around, gaping in shock. Ann was a “goodie-goodie” never stealing anything, she never got in trouble. This seriously surprised the boys.

“First of all, where are we going to steal it from?” Adam asked.

“Simple, my dad.” Reuben bluntly stated. It was true, his dad was the owner of a uranium power supply plant. Reuben had been there dozens of times and knew exactly where it was. All they had to do was enter the building near closing time, go to the uranium tank storage room, and grab a tank. Of course they would have to do this all without getting caught. The uranium plant was wired to the brim full of security cameras and guards.

It also didn’t help that without a license, handling uranium was a serious crime. The four friends would probably all go to IVY league colleges, but not if they were put in juvie. It was the only way to save Thanksgiving though, so they had to give it a try. The four of them agreed they would do it that night, but they weren’t happy about it. Reuben took one last look at the cumbersome machine, before walking home.

Later that night, Reuben, Ann, Adam, and Harold met outside the security fence for the uranium plant.

“You brought it right?” questioned Reuben. Harold gave him a flattering look and then replied,

“How could I forget Monsieur?” Harold opened his bulky backpack to reveal a small drone. It had four gyro wings, a camera, and two high beam lights to shine its way through the dark light. After fiddling with the drone for several seconds, Harold gave a nod to Reuben and then grabbed the controller. As he pushed on the height button, the modified drone took to the air, soaring over the fence and into the guardhouse. Using the screen on the controller, Harold navigated the small drone onto the control panel, sliding down the electric blue dial that controlled the electrified fence. Once the group covered in black clothing saw the fence flicker, they recalled the drone. Harold turned it off and safely tucked it into his backpack. It was now Adam’s turn to shine.

“I want to warn you guys that I’m not entirely sure that this works.” He nervously squeaked.

“Well let’s hope it does.” answered Reuben. Adam took out the small buzzer from his backpack, much like the one contestants on Jeopardy use. He clicked the button on the top and a long pole slid down from the buzzer and expanded into a small round surface.

“It can only hold two at a time.” Adam explained, followed by a nod from the others. Ann hopped on with Adam, and he turned the device on. A small cackling sound emitted from the silence of the night and the machine buzzed to life. It slowly lifted off the ground and to the top of the fence, where Ann climbed over and smoothly dropped to the ground.

One after another, the boys followed suit and nimbly fell to the ground. Then adam hovered over with his device.

“Adam, I still don’t understand why you won’t sell your hoverstand. You could make billions off it!” Ann asked.

“Then I wouldn’t be the only one who has it,” he answered with a grin. “If you didn’t know, the machine works by sending what I call solid waves. They are electromagnetic waves but they have density to them, they push off the ground but not hard enough to disrupt it. The propelling of the waves sends the device wherever you want it to go!” Reuben was impressed, having Adam was definitely a valuable asset to their team. The team swiftly covered the grassy area surrounding the building until they came to a side door.
“This one’s you Ann” Reuben whispered, trying not to alert anyone of their presence. Ann smirked and took out of her backpack a tiny round ball, she held up the ball to the lock and it morphed into a key, sliding into the lock with a click. The rest of the team looked in amazement.

“What are you staring at me for? It’s just a moldable compound I made! Gosh your inventions were so much cooler!” she laughed. The team entered the building stealthily, the wing they were in was almost deserted, but they still were cautious. They made haste throughout the corridors until they entered a large warehouse like room, filled with containers as small as vials to as big as pools filled with a uranium liquid compound. The last invention was Reubens, a small cube capable of capturing and levitating even the heaviest object. He threw the cube at a medium size barrel and it grappled around it and then levitated it into the air, the way it functioned was similar to the hoverstand. They quickly exited the building, facing no difficulties. They again used Adam’s machine to get over the fence and were home free, that is until they heard the police sirens. The team fled into the forest, as they watched the police converse with the guards until walking into the building. Reuben’s phone lit up as he got a text from his dad.


Sorry Bud I’m not going to be home until late tonight, there was a break in.
Its ok dad, but what happened?

A medium sized tub of uranium was stolen, we are checking the monitors now.

Hope you find out who did it! See you later tonight

See you later champ.


Reuben gulped, “HAROLD THE CAMERAS!”

“On it” Harold confirmed, a rush of urgency in his voice. He sent out his drone again, looking at the tiny screen as he brought it up to the security building, he pressed a blue button and the drone sent out and electromagnetic pulse, covering the footage from the night with a replayed pre-recording the team had made earlier. It was loop that shown no action happening something that Reuben had acquired days earlier. The security team reviewed the blank footage with Reuben’s dad, finding no evidence of any abnormalities. The security guards went out into the fenced area, in hopes of finding any physical evidence.

Watching through his camera, harold saw this and sent out another pulse this time to find any physical evidence. When the meter showed no detection of their presence he gave out a sigh of relief.

“We are good,” he assured them, and a collective cheer went out through group. They scampered home under the cover of darkness…

Reuben awoke to a sound in the kitchen, he sat up, rubbed his tired eyes, and slipped on his slippers. He walked down the wide staircase to the kitchen, where he found his dad making a cup of coffee in the Keurig.

“What are you doing up so late Champ?” his dad speculated.

“Oh, I’m just-” he stopped mid-sentence thinking of an excuse, “- just wanted to see you, I heard a sound in the kitchen and woke up.” he quavered as he spoke.

“Oh ok then, we still haven’t found who stole the uranium. It’s like a bunch of geniuses stole it, there aren’t any paths or footprints, and not any sign of the barrel being dragged. That thing weighs 200 pounds, so it isn’t like you can just pick it up. There also aren’t any tire marks to suggest a vehicle was used. We checked the security tapes but nothing happened.”

Reuben pretended to listen intently but was really filling with fear. His father continued on his account about how the cops came and they couldn’t find the suspects either. Reuben was too tired to focus on listening so he went back to sleep, drifting off into his dreams.


Reuben entered Harold’s garage early the next morning, Thanksgiving was tomorrow! He carried a small metallic device in one hand. In the other hand held 4 cappuccinos for his friends, who had already gathered in the garage.

“Have you set up the uranium to the device yet?” Reuben questioned.

“Yes I have! It’s all ready to go!” Adam declared.

“Then let’s fire her up!” Harold whined. Ann, Harold, and Reuben slowly backed away as Adam turned on the particle separator. It hummed to life and emitted a soft glow. Then it began to work, inside the capsule, black substance was filling up and the particle separator, it was the virus. Reuben approached the machine, the black liquid had a certain malevolence to it swirling. The group loathed the liquid.

After about 30 minutes of the machine working, its humming stop, and the tank wasn’t even full.

“Guess that’s it then,” observed Adam. “Harold did you bring it?”

“Yep got it right here.” he replied. Harold took out his drone and Reuben’s cube. He threw the cube at the tank and it enveloped it with white energy. Harold attached a clip to the cube, connected to his drone. The drone easily lifted the cube into the sky and flew it up into the air. “I’m going to miss you.” he sorrowfully whispered to his drone, until it was just a dot in the sky. Harold put in space and flicked on the autopilot.

“Harold, it’s ok. You have the schematics to drone. I’m sure you can easily rebuild it.” Adam consoled him. Tears drifted down Harold’s face, he knew he could rebuild the drone, but he loved his drone so much. The deed was done and the turkeys were saved.

“Wait my meter is lighting up!” Ann exclaimed. The other looked at her in confusion. “I created a meter once we had a sample of the flu, to find its origin. It seems like it was coming from some place called Parsippany New Jersey. Lemme adjust it to find it in more detail. It came from a small device in a girl’s bedroom, someone named ImagineAlpha. Reuben growled,

“She’s back!”




“Come on Imagine! Let’s go eat! It’s Thanksgiving!” Rueben cried.

“I’m on my way Reuben.” She called back, a grin on her face. She set down her small cat and it followed her into the house. While they were eating her cat ran outside when a guest opened the door.

“ShadowHeart!” she screamed and ran after the cat. The cat ran and ran, never to be seen again.  “I HATE THANKSGIVING IT SHOULD NEVER BE A HOLIDAY. YOU’LL SEE! I WILL RUE THE DAY WHEN THANKSGIVING IS NO LONGER” she screamed while crying, pain filling her body. She would destroy Thanksgiving one day, and she had to start planning. She look back at the turkey on the table, “I’ll get you one day” she scowled, and then walked home, trudging along the streets with a new found anger. “Yes.. I’ll certainly get you one day.” The ends of her lips began to form a smile.

Choose your own Adventure!

This may have been one of the most fun things I have created! I never realized what a kick you can get out of writing a choose your own adventure. This was a challenge and a joy for me to create. I first started by making a web, a very, very, messy web, lines criss crossing and going to different out comes, but here it is! (Most of the outcomes result in death because hey, it’s the Civil War) I will DEFINITELY try to make more of these however, they are very time consuming and difficult to write.





It is currently the Civil War and you are asked to either join the Confederates or the Union, the Union is more organized and will pay more, but you agree with the beliefs of the Confederates. However, the confederates will not pay you what you need to supply your family with. What do you choose?


If you choose to join the Confederates, go to paragraph 2, If you choose to join the Union, go to paragraph 3.


  1. You are given a warm welcome to the Confederacy. They supply you with food, drink, and a rifle and stiff uniform. You are now a private. You are asked to whether you want to go to the battle of Manassas, Gettysburg, or stay at camp. What do you do?


If you go to Manassas go to paragraph 7, if you go to Gettysburg go to paragraph 8, and if you stay at camp go to paragraph 9.


  1. The union gives you a warm welcome and provides you with a uniform, food, drink, and rifle. They also give you your first check. You are a private in their ranks and are forced into rigorous marching practice. You are asked by your commanding officer whether you want to stay at camp, go to Manassas, or go to Gettysburg. What do you do?


If you stay at camp, go to paragraph 4, if you go to Manassas go to paragraph 5 and if you go to Gettysburg go to paragraph 6


  1. You decided to stay at camp. You are issued as a medic and taught how to treat injuries. They take back your gun, but you are now getting paid more. You are asked to be in a medic tent at either Manassas or Gettysburg, what do you do?


If you go to Manassas go to paragraph 10 if you go to Gettysburg go to paragraph 14.


  1. You march all the way to Manassas but on the way, are attacked by local rebels. Your infantry fights back and succeeds, once you get to Manassas you join the line. One half is going down into the battle, do you follow them or stay?


If you stay go to paragraph 12, if you follow go to paragraph 11.


  1. You successfully make it to Gettysburg and join the artillery at the cannons. When you see an approaching confederate cavalry! Do you fire or hold your ground/take cover with your other troops?


If you fire, go to paragraph 13, if you hold your ground/take cover, go to paragraph 15.


  1. You and your infantry reach Manassas and you are asked to join the cavalry, do you agree or stay as infantry?


Go to paragraph 17 for cavalry or 16 for infantry.


  1. On the way to Gettysburg you are shot by Union rebels and the wound never heals. You die shortly after that.


  1. You stay at camp but a devastating disease strikes the camp, since you haven’t contracted it yet, you are dismissed from the army and sent home.


  1. You are in the tents helping sick and injured where you contract small pox from one of the sick ones and shortly die afterward.


  1. You valiantly follow them down into the valley where you defend your army. You get shot, but ended up dying a heroic death.


  1. You decide to stay up on the line, where you and the platoon you belong to gets ravaged by the confederate cavalry. You lose your hand, but after some sort of miracle, continue living and you are sent home.


  1. Oh no! The cannon misfired and gunpowder storms into your eyes, blinding you forever, you are sent home from the military but will remain blind your entire life.


  1. You serve as a medic for the troops at Gettysburg, and help many people. But when the army is short on soldiers, you are issued a gun and sent headfirst into battle, you lose the battle and are captured by the Confederates where you live a terrible life until the Union wins the war and frees you.


  1. Good news, the cavalry didn’t spot you and you live! You continue fighting until the end of the battle where you lose, but you are able to retreat and join back at the Union’s camp.


  1. You stay as infantry and do very well, but your platoon suffers and ends up having to retreat the battle, you die in a later battle.


  1. Ah so you decided to join the cavalry? You become promoted to an officer and fight honorably. You survive the battle, and continue leading the cavalry as you are promoted to Colonel. After the war, you have a nice life with your earnings from the war.

The Death Howl

This is an older one (I think it was around halloween) and I had posted a small finished portion of it. Imaginealpha and I worked on it more, so here is the finished thing!


A leaf brushed up against the man as he stalked through the dense forest. AHH-WOOO! He stiffened as he heard the howl, chills running up and down his spine. His small pistol was in his hand, loaded with solid silver bullets. He crept down a small, straggling brook only to find claw marks on all the surrounding trees – he wasn’t welcomed here, and he knew it. His short, ragged breaths formed clouds in the freezing air.

There was a foreboding rustle in a bush and the man swiveled around, taking aim. His hand trembled ever so slightly as he held his finger poised on the trigger.

“Don’t make me hurt you,” he shouted, breaking the night’s silence.

“I’m not nervous,” came the tempered response from a gruff voice deep within the brush.

The man froze, scanning the surrounding undergrowth, looking for the cruel eyes of his prey. Am I the hunter, or the hunted?

Minutes later, paralyzed with fear, he gurgled through his blood and dropped to the forest floor. His neck was slit wide open as his silent killer slunk away. The murderer snatched up the handgun, tossing aside the bullets he unloaded. He snarled as the scent of the silver wafted up his nose, burning it in the inside. The creature took hold of the dead man’s jacket and dragged him through the woods to his earthy den in the heart of the forest.


Penns County Police Station, 2 months earlier


“This is officer Sanders, we have a code 5604 in the Western sector of the woods, I repeat code 5604.” The handheld radio crackled to life.

Daniel glanced at his watch and replied, “Officer Daniel reporting in from the station. Officer Richard and I will investigate now.”

Daniel slammed down the intercom and looked up at his partner. Officer Richard was new to the police force and didn’t know all of the codes, so he usually ended up asking Daniel.

Sure enough, he did. “Daniel, what does a 5604 mean?”

“You don’t want to know,” Daniel responded, a worried look in his eyes.

They climbed into Daniel’s rusty pickup and drove into the woods. As Daniel steered the car over the bumpy path, his eyes scanned the woods, looking for any abnormalities. He didn’t notice any, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

He kept moving until he reached the location of the report. “Alright bud, here we go,” he huffed, meeting Richard’s gaze.

“Oh, come on, it can’t be that bad. Nothing ever happens in this town.” He snorted, trying to cover up what little he knew about what he was about to face. They strode silently until they came across what Daniel was trying to hide.

“Oh my gosh, it’s horrid!” screamed Richard. Daniel didn’t speak, but instead examined what was on the ground in front of him.

“Looks like the body’s been here for a while, based on all the maggots, but the report was only sent in an hour or so ago. Something isn’t right.”

Richard didn’t reply.

“Richard, where’d you run off to?” Daniel grumbled, twisting around to see where the rookie had gone.

Richard!” he yelled, a hint of fear evident in his voice. “Answer me!

Shakily, he bent over, pushing away the morbid thought of his partner mauled and dying. He continued to examine the body; something had scored four deep gashes down the victim’s side, and it had apparently also taken a chunk out of its leg with its massive teeth – certainly not something a fox or a bear would do.

Something dripped onto his nose. Annoyed, he wiped it off with his hand; it was sticky and warm.

He dared to glance down at his hand. There was now a blood smear on his finger.

“Richard, this isn’t funny! Where are you?” His voice quavered as he spoke.

Another droplet of blood hit his nose. Horrified at his sudden realization, he slowly tilted his head up until he could see what was dangling above him.

“[Insert made-up profanity here],” he cursed under his breath as he raced back to his car. The engines roared to life as he twisted his keys in the ignition with his shaking hand. Refusing to look back, he took off back to town.


Daniel burst through the doors of the station an hour later, screaming.

“Chief Locklen, there’s been another murder, I saw it with my own eyes!” He gasped as he entered the Police Chief’s office, leaning on the wooden desk behind which the bemused man sat.

“Another murder?” Daniel saw the question in his eyes.

“Another murder!” Daniel confirmed loudly, drawing the attention of everyone else in the office.

Turmoil broke out through the station as fellow officers bombarded Daniel with questions.


“What! How?”

“How could we allow this to happen?” someone moaned.

“Who didn’t refill the Keurig when it clearly needed more water?!”

When the chaos settled down, Chief Locklen rose to the podium at the front of the room.

“Settle down, settle down,” he murmured. “Let’s hear Officer Daniel’s account of what happened, and someone get him a glass of water please.” Someone hurried over to the water jugs.

Daniel went up onto the raised stand with Chief Locklen and began to speak. “I was investigating the murder in the forest with Officer Richard when he disappeared. I assumed he continued to investigate elsewhere, or perhaps left something in the car. I was examining the body Officer Kendall reported, when I felt droplets of blood on my face and looked up to see Richard, dead in the tree directly under the place the first victim met his demise.”

Chief Locklen saw the pain in Daniel’s face. While losing someone in the field was a terrible thing, losing a partner was far worse. He awkwardly cleared his voice and consoled him with a pat on the back.

“We will find Daniel’s killer, and we’ll avenge his death, but what’s important now is having a forensic team go down to the site with an armed escort. They will find the cause of it.”

“Yes, I know, but what worries me is that in our county we only have black bears. We’ve never had wolves or anything that could make claw marks that large and deep,” Daniel replied nervously. He understood that the forensic scientists were the right people for the job, but he was terrified that they might die too.

There was only one thing he could do: take over the investigation. He’d surreptitiously hunt down the murderer and restore Richard’s honor.

After making a stop at the force’s weapons room and collecting two small pistols, a taser, and an assault rifle, Daniel made his way to the shooting range, where he first waited his turn while newer policemen were practicing. When it was his turn, he turned the automatic system onto its hardest difficulty.

“Don’t fail me, 23 years of experience. I may be a bit rusty, but I still have it in me,” he whispered to himself as he readied his first pistol with the standard bullets.

He shot twelve rounds, each one pushing him backward when he fired. Out of twelve rounds, he missed none. That’ll teach ‘em, he thought, satisfied.

After practicing a bit more, Daniel buckled the two pistols to his belt, loaded with silver bullets, and pulled his shirt over them to hide them from the suspiciously prying eyes of the other officers. As his dirty tires sprayed the mud from under his truck, Daniel made a turn onto the next street for a quick lunch at his favorite diner. The usual bell rung as Daniel entered the small diner, world famous for their whopping pancakes and sandwiches.

He sat himself down in a booth by the window, as far from the door as he could. Before long, a waiter with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail approached his table.

“And what will you be having today?” she asked him politely.

“Just the usual, Delores,” he replied uneasily; he’d been eating here for the last twenty years, and Delores had been his waiter for a good third of it, so he was unsure why she’d asked.

“You got it, Mr. Daniel. I’m assuming that means your regular CheeseSteak and a Coke?”

“Yep,” he answered, and Deloris made her way to the kitchen.

He drummed his fingers on the plastic tabletop, staring at the saltshaker as he waited for his meal. After a while, raised voices from the booth behind him began ringing through the air, louder than the general murmur of conversation.

“Did you hear about the murder?” a deep voice growled.

“No, I didn’t! What happened?” inquired a scratchy voice.

“Apparently, James Handurn from down the street was killed in the forest when he was chopping down wood for his sawmill.”

“My God, that’s crazy! Did they find the murderer?”
“That’s the strange thing, they didn’t! Whoever did it is still at large.”

“But I heard someone had it out for James.”

“What! Who?”

“The gals, and I think someone from James’s high school class. Remember when he kept stealing girls from all the boys? Well, after Melinda’s death last week it sounds like it was someone who Jimmy stole Melinda from.”
“Well, that does make se-” Daniel was interrupted from his eavesdropping as Deloris brought his plate to the table. Daniel ate in silence, thinking about what he had just heard, trying to piece all of the clues together. If it was someone who James stole Melinda from, I’d have to find out who she was dating in highschool. Man, this is an important lead!

After he finished his lunch, Daniel got back into his car and rumbled down to the library. He needed more information, and the ancient place was the best place to find it.

Once inside the librarian asked,  “Looking for anything particular?”

“Yes, actually. Where are the yearbooks from about 12 years ago?” he inquired.

“Up the floor and in the town history section, you should be able to find it,” she replied with a grand smile.

“Yeah, thanks.” He spoke grimly.

Daniel walked up the steep stairs to the upper floor and quickly located the shelf labeled “Town History”. After deliberate searching, he found what he was looking for. Pulling the dusty old yearbook off the shelf, he opened the colorful cover and rifled through the pages.

In the couples section of the yearbook he found a boy named Alex with Melinda under “Most likely to get married.” As a senior, Melinda was with James, labeled “Cutest couple”.

He scribbled down the name Alex Silverman in his small note pad. Now he had a suspect and a motive: whilst extreme, loves can turn people into monsters. All he had to do know was research more about this strange Alex Silverman; he was so close to solving the mystery that he could almost taste the victory.

Daniel was starting to get enthusiastic as he began to realize that he really might be able to avenge Richard’s death. He’d have to leave that for a later date, though, as Richard’s funeral was in a few days and Daniel had to focus on writing a eulogy to honor his fallen partner.


2 Days Later at Swan Meadow Funeral Home


Mourners stood around Richard’s grave while their spouses tried to soothe them. The funeral home was beautifully outfitted with white roses, accompanied by the horde of mourners in black, including the entire police force. A somber air filled the room, but constant sniffling made the room far from silent. After Richard’s closest friends and family shared their eloquent words for the dead man, it was time for Daniel to say his own. Daniel slowly walked over the microphone and sighed.

“Richard was a great man, one who loved his country and defended his home on the police force. We were partners for two years, and while that may not be so long, we had great times together. Richard was a person who brought a smile to my face even when I did not feel like smiling, and will be sorely missed. We all hope Richard is in a better place now.” With that, he sat back down.

The rest of the funeral went by with a blur. After it was over, Daniel bent on avenging Richard, set out into the forest.

He traipsed through the woods to where he had first found the victim. As he rustled through the surrounding undergrowth, a glint caught his eye. He wandered over to it, blinking against the glare of the sunlight that bounced off it.

The strange metal object turned out to be two iron doors. As he approached them curiously, he realized that they were fairly new, and not at all rusty. He pulled open the trapdoor with a grunt and dropped into a dirt passageway. Flashlights were tied to beams on the ceiling that held up the dirt above. Daniel crept down the hallway as the lights bounced, shining the dancing lights on the walls and the floor.

Voices floated from up ahead and Daniel ducked under the light, sticking to the shadows. From the echo he could hear, he guessed that there were people in a large room at the end of the passageway – three, by the sound of it.

“We got your enemy, Alex but now you need to help us. It’s a simple plan: we wait until full moon when we are the strongest in wolf form and then get the targets.”

“I know, I know, but I have one more…”

Daniel stopped listening. Full moon…wolf form. He tried to connect the dots.

It can’t be. It has to be some type of code.

He readied his pistol. The huge claw marks, the massive bites. They were fast. I should’ve seen it coming!

Quickly checking his gun to make sure he’d kept his silver bullets from before, he skulked into the room silently. Stalking forward cautiously, he aimed at the source of the first voice, who he assumed was Alex.

He fired.

There was a yelp and a thud as the man’s lifeless body fell to the floor. Whoops. Too high.

The other two rounded on him with a snarl, but years of experience had already led him to duck and roll away, so he was now behind them. He aimed lower this time, hitting one man in the side and the other in the leg. Both went down, whimpering, but thankfully none of them had any weapons.

Daniel kept his pistol up as he fumbled for his radio in the darkness. He pulled it out, pressing the button. “Chief Locklen, I know you won’t believe this, but the murderers were werewolves.”

Review of Splatoon

One of my favorite Wii U games is Splatoon. Splatoon is the first major third-person shooter game that is for young kids. Instead of bullets, your ammo is squid ink. Use your ink to splat other players! Yes- this is an online game with millions of players. Fight your way to the top in ranked mode, or play for experience to level up to 50! This game is a team based game also, so you get to play along side other players AROUND THE WORLD! While very popular in Japan, there are plenty of American players.

Let’s go through the basics.

In the normal mode, you and your team work to having the most of the map covered with your ink! Almost like a giant paint war. In ranked mode, fight your way through ranks with many advanced players. Rounds include RainMaker, a giant fish that you must carry to the other side. TowerControl, a tower you must ride to the other side. The last mode is SplatZones, an indicated zone you must fusi_wiiu_splatoonlly paint with your color.

Happy Splating!